// Fillers & Putties

The range of Fillers and Putties Epolit® MS and Epopur®MS are 2-component Epoxy or PU fillers with excellent adhesion properties, extremely easy to apply, providing a smooth surface to apply on. This range of products are specifically designed to achieve an optimum aerodynamic surface of wind turbine rotors blades. They are used to repair large defects and can be used as pore filler to cover small defects like pinholes appearing at different stages of the manufacturing process of a WT. Epolit® MS has extended working time which allows an easy manipulation with a good-finish surface, and an outstanding mechanical behavior.

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// Top coats

The range paints and of top coats Epopur®PT are polyurethane based coatings designed for wind turbine blades. These products show a high performance and excellent outdoor durability properties for composite materials, protecting from weather conditions and other aggressive agents. Epopur®PT has an excellent adhesion to the typical composite surface of Wind Turbines. The ultimate hardness, adhesion, and Rain erosion performance after curing are extremely high.

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// LEP

With the gradual increase in the size of wind turbine blades, Leading Edge Protection of the blade has become one of the most important challenges that lie ahead wind industry. AEROX has developed the AHP technology with an outstanding performance delaying the appearance of damage in rain erosion tests compared with the industry standards. The range of specific coatings AEROX AHP LEP is specifically designed for protecting the leading edge of wind turbine rotor blades. The AEROX AHP LEP range of products is very robust and reliable under industrial conditions of application. The characteristics of the different versions of AEROX AHP LEP have been modulated and adapted to the great variance of different environmental working conditions of the turbines, both on and off-shore.

The AEROX AHP LEP range of products was launched in Q2 2016 and has rapidly captured the interest the some of the most important players in the market of off-shore wind turbines since then.



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