// Gel Coats

Epolit® GC E is a range of epoxy Gel Coats specifically designed to protect the surface of wind turbine rotor blades. The Epolit® GC E product range includes colored and transparent versions, suitable for manual or machine application, in in-mold or finishing processes. Epolit® GC E has an outstanding performance in terms of chemical adhesion with standard epoxy infusion and prepreg systems. The product range is fully compatible with standard water based or solvent base sealants and mold release agents.

Epolit® GC E range of products is the standard Gel Coat for different platforms from 2 to 5 MW of the most important WTM since 2014

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// Bonding Pastes

The range of structural adhesives Epolit® FIX is specifically designed for shell bonding of wind turbine rotor blades.

The Epolit® FIX product range includes industrial and service versions, suitable for twin cartridge or mixing machine application in industrial processes. It has an outstanding performance in terms of chemical resistance, high shear and peeling resistance and non-sagging behavior for vertical applications. The product range is specifically designed to bond both glass and carbon fiber composite materials.

Epolit® FIX range of products has become the standard structural adhesive for different platforms from in some of the top OEM of Wind Turbine Blades since 2016.

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