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We are a family, a team of innovators and idealistic experts. Our challenge is to transform society’s mindset through renewable energies. We put our minds to design and manufacture the best materials for wind turbine rotor blades.

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Our mission

AEROX 's mission is contributing to strengthen wind energy as the most competitive alternative to fossil fuels, through the development of the latest solutions in polymer technology.

high performance and
the environment
come first.

What we belive

We know what matters to you

We empathize with the needs of our clients, leaders in the renewable energy sector. We understand their needs as a business and advise them to find the best solutions.

With you all the way

From the beginning to the end, we advise you and offer all the services to carry out a comprehensive projects. Being all-round specialists in our industry we can offer you everything you need.

Sharing is better

We are collaborative and share knowledge between departments. We seek to generate an environment of trust where our teams feel safe.

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